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The Age: Gemima Cody

"Unless you're rolling in with a group, your best bet is to go hard on the smaller plates, where a lot of the fun lies. Sourdough cobs arrive with a soft quenelle of butter whipped light with smoked eggplant like the ghost of baba ghanoush. The pickles, carefully turned carrots and other veg stained lightly pink in their anis-driven liquor are essential and while the cigars, which were originally being billed with duck are currently being made with confit chicken, they're no less delicious for it. An incredibly rich farce is thyme-spiked, captured in fine yufka pastry, and crumbed at one end with a smoky, earthy and spicy isot pepper condiment that whips your palate to attention."

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They certainly got the ‘looks matter in South Yarra’ memo: it’s spacious and light-filled, with a front bar and the restaurant flanked by an open kitchen at the back... Turkey’s favourite bar food, ciger (liver) is cooked the way the Albanians do it (these guys are legendary butchers). Cubes of rich lamb liver are pan fried in lots of oil and liberally seasoned with cumin, marjoram, paprika and chervil. Pile it on crisp lavash for crunch and knock back a raki while you’re at it. The borek is likewise standout.

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The calamari stuffed with ezine cheese (white cheese) and ink sells out regularly. There is also a pickled sea bream dish with pear and fennel, and sardine koftas. Lamb cutlets with broad beans and a smoky baba ganoush is one of the restaurant’s larger plates, but if that’s not big enough, with 24 hours’ notice you can have a whole-roasted Bultarra saltbush lamb.

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Radio 3AW's 'A Moveable Feast' Stupendous Turkish @ Yagiz... view on facebook

Sunday Age - 21 January 2018

Shane Delia from 'Postcards' went to the market with Murat Ovaz and sampled the food at Yagiz...
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Melburnians: pack your tastebuds. We’re going on culinary journey to Turkey, courtesy of Chef Murat Ovaz and his new South Yarra restaurant, Yagiz. Read more


Behind the scenes with Murat Ovaz...
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"My food isn’t really traditional. It is Turkish but when you go through the concept, I’ve twisted it. It’s not a hundred per cent Turkish. It’s designed for today’s Australian audience."

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Herald-Sun, Tues 29th May 2018

Yagiz is thrilled to partner with the 2018 Turkish Film Festival.

No dining in the restaurant during COVID-19 lockdown

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